What Makes a Good MBA Program?

When it came to choosing a place with the right MBA program for him, Ray Bonnett and West Chester, PA, was a perfect match.

Raymond Bonnett knows firsthand just how important it is to choose an MBA program that suits your personality and will be able to maximize your strengths and improve your weaknesses as you pursue your master’s in business.

Before enrolling in the MBA program at the University of West Chester, PA, Ray Bonnett did extensive research on what should factor into picking the right school to further his business education at. And now that Raymond Bonnett has found the right fit for him, he wants to help you do the same.

To help you find your very own West Chester, PA, Ray Bonnett offers this advice for what makes a good MBA program.


The wider the range of people in an MBA program, the more you’ll learn. Take a look at the percentage of women enrolled in the program, as well as the number of nationalities represented. These can be very telling numbers as to the diversity of a program.


This is perhaps the most important factor in choosing an MBA program. After all, the point of going to school and getting your master’s degree is to get a job. Correct? An MBA program’s alumni employment numbers should be readily available online and they can be used to determine which schools companies favor when it comes to hiring. Don’t think it matters? A study done by Forbes revealed that Prestige of MBA School is one of the most important factors companyies use when determining starting salary, and Achievements of the Alumni was one of the most frequent answers hiring managers gave when asked about measuring the prestige of an applicant’s education.

Faculty/Teaching Methods

Faculty-to-student ratio and number of full-time faculty members versus adjunct are good indicators of the quality of an MBA program’s faculty and overall style of teaching. Having experience, full-time professors leading the program is usually a better way to go because you’re being taught by people who aren’t distracted by other jobs and have dedicated their lives to teaching others.

Class Experience

What are classes like at each MBA program you look into? Are they large or small? Self-directed or lecture style? Different people are suited for different classroom experiences, but to find what works best for you, try sitting in on a couple of classes before enrolling or asking someone that has already attended the class.

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